Filmmaker Blueprint


Key Roles

Filmmaking is truly a collaborate effort. There are some essential roles you need to fill on any team before you should even think about making a film.


The Amazing Story

Without a fantastic script you have nothing to start with, and nowhere to end. There are some essential ingredients all stories must contain if they want to fit into the blueprint.


Finding Your Audiences

Yes, we said audiences, not audience. That’s because there’s always more than one, and it’s your job to identify them all, stalk them, and win them over to be your fans.


Crafting The Pitch

How you pitch your story and your vision to your audiences is critical to every stage of the filmmaker blueprint. And you’ll need to reach out to them at various phases when you follow the blueprint.



Funding is always difficult and laborious, but by following the blueprint and leveraging the resources you have available, you can hit your budget and create your amazing film.


Outreach & Promotion

This goes hand in hand with crafting the pitch and other phases. You need to establish professional communication patterns with your audiences and constantly communicate with them throughout the lifecycle of your film. They’re the life blood of your success.



Distribution is typically a maze of confusion and disappointment, but the blueprint turns it on it’s head and makes it something you can manage and conquer.


Discussion Board

Have a question, a comment, or an experience you’d like to share with everyone related to any of the elements in the Filmmaker Blueprint? Post it on the discussion boards and take part in the process.

This Information is Free. Run with it!

The Filmmaker Blueprint is licensed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means the information is freely available to you, for your use, and even to be modified. The only requirement is that you share your changes with others as well.

At Shift Films we don’t believe that filmmakers compete with each other– they compete with themselves. We hope by sharing this information, and allowing the community to prove it, revise it, and perfect it, then we’ll all benefit as filmmakers.

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