Shift Films

Shift Films is a new film production company with a very different focus than most– to own the entire filmmaking process from start to finish, and handle all of those phases internally with an experienced team.


Story Development

We curate, develop, and refine stories that challenge people to make the world a better place.  There are plenty of filmmakers already making zombie movies. We’re a bit more serious-minded than that.


Audience Building

Filmmaking is all about sharing a story with an audience. If you don’t know who your audience is you’re wasting your time. And they need to know who you are also. Audience building is a long and continuous process that starts right at the story development phase.


Film Financing

Movies cost a lot of money to make, and to achieve consistent high quality results you have to pay for it. Shift believes the best results come from leveraging an initial modest investment to create an amazing pitch video that can be use as a major element in a well-orchestrated crowdfunding campaign.


Film Production

We have access to a talented pool of film professionals who can execute a high-quality finished film. In addition to production, we have access to amazing and talented artists who perform sound design, visual effects, color grading, and editing .



We take the approach that it’s better to be in control of the distribution channels and marketing and promotion effort. With distributors you rarely get much personalized attention. By self-distributing and self-marketing we can tailor our effort to fit a very specific audience.